PCM Certified Coaches, Trainers and Consultants


Kahler Communication Luxembourg

Valerie Raffalli - Jean-Pierre Raffalli

Certified PCM Trainers and Coaches

owners Kahler Communication Luxembourg

Kahler Communication Luxembourg Managing team & staff

Kahler Communication Luxembourg Certified Trainers and Coaches

Vitantonio Degrisantis; Certified PCM Trainer & Coach

Languages: English, French, Italian, Luxembourgish

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Xavier Bontemps;

Certified PCM Coach

owner Stimulus Coaching

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Kahler Communication Luxembourg Certified Coaches and consultants

Isabelle Willems;

Certified PCM Coach

French, English

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Dana Moldoveanu

Certified PCM Coach

English, French, Italian, Romanian

Francoise Hontoy;

Certified PCM Trainer & Coach

German, English, French

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Karine Pontet Haag;

Certified PCM Consultant

HR Services Consultant at Deloitte Luxembourg

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Christine Faucheur;

Certified PCM Coach

owner Art Biz Coaching

Art Biz Coaching website

Marie Hofer

Certified PCM Executive Search

French, English

Christophe Bodelet;

Certified PCM Coach

HR consultant, Trainer & Coach

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Claude Gaspard;

Certified PCM Coach

owner Be Alternative

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